Firm Gallery / Online store of Estonian graphic art. A task ● Make a memorable sign. ● Make the mark easy to copy.   The logo consists of a “Finnish star”, as one of the symbols of the Finno-Ugric peoples. “Flower” – as a symbol of beauty. “Pictures” – as a symbol of the activities … Read more


Firm ● Carpentry company. A task ● Make an unusual, memorable sign.   Basic elements of the logo. Triangle, circle and 3 trapezoids. Two forms. Horizontal and vertical.   Business card.     Letterhead. Placement on different media. 💡 Idea, ✍️ Design  — 👨🏻‍🎨 Dmitri Makonnen.

Viimsi Huvikool

  Organization Interest school for children and adults. Task ● Create a logo that matches the logo of the Visimsi village interest center. (symbolic man from the letter “H”).     The set includes: ● Business card design. ● Letterhead design. ● Pattern. Additional graphic elements and their placement. Placement on different media. 💡 Idea, … Read more


Organization Moscow Design Museum. A task ● Come up with an exhibition style with modifications for 10 exhibitions in different cities. Scope of work ● Design of a series of billboards. ● Design of a series of city-format banners. ● Banner banner series design. ● A1/A4 format posters for each city. ● Explications. ● Press walls (with different sponsors by city). … Read more

IZO Kunstgruppe Agency

  Firm Design agency. IZO Kunstgruppe. IZO — as fine arts. The agency has four main areas of activity. ● Branding. (Creation of logos and corporate identity). ● Design and layout of books. (Design, creating a layout, modular grids, compositional calculation, through rhythms). ● Poster design. ● Package design. A task ● Make an unusual … Read more


Firm Online school of graphic design. The school website ( is a means of communication with the world. A task ● Make it simple and recognizable. Well designed for presentations, advertising, t-shirts, etc. ● Make a dynamic logo. ● Make variability for wide and narrow media.   Main version of the logo The basis includes … Read more


  Firm Ukrainian-Estonian knitwear factory. A task ● Make a booklet for the exhibition. ● Show the main areas of activity and emphasize strengths. 💡Idea, ✍️ Design, 👌Layout, 🖨️ Pre-press — 👨🏻‍🎨 Dmitri Makonnen.

Identity “NLP + CS”

  Firm Legal and business consultations. B2B.   A task ● Make a logo and small corporate identity. ● Visually light style suitable for business communication.   The set “Small corporate identity” includes: ● Business card design. ● Letterhead design. ● Design of a postal envelope. ● Layout design for presentation .pptx   Company letterhead. (The dynamic version of the logo … Read more


Packaging design for dairy products for a Perm brand. The idea to update the design in the line of dairy products. Categories milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese and the like. Three options were made. Simple and avant-garde. And the third option according to the special request of the client. Complex vanguard.   First option … Read more

Logo “SOUL”

  Firm CARPENTERS OY A carpentry workshop where subtly, “with soul”, relate to their work   A task ● Make a logo containing several visual ideas. ● The firm approaches with soul to the business. ● Show visually that the company is engaged in carpentry. ● Show that the company is Finnish-Latvian.   Wish ●  It would be nice to … Read more