Given The book of the writer Toomas Vene. Illustration by artist Sergei Volochaev. A task Accurately and correctly design the cover and position the text. āœļø Design, šŸ–Øļø Pre-press ā€” šŸ‘ØšŸ»ā€šŸŽØ Dmitri Makonnen.

Book “Krug zhizni”

A task Make a book of memoirs of Leonid Rymarenko. Leonid Ivanovich is one of the founders of environmentally friendly cinema in Russia (USSR), the founder of the Ural school of popular science cinema, artist, director. Made ā— The layout was developed taking into account numerous notes, letters, callouts, photo captions. ā— Diverse visual material. … Read more

Newspaper “Spass”

Given Orthodox newspaper of the northwestern Moscow Vicariate. A task ā— Make a redesign of the newspaper. ā— Maintaining a newspaper as an Art Director. ā— Connecting to the work of modern photographers and illustrators. Ideas ā— Approximation of the visual language of the layout to the modern person. ā— Respectful rethinking of traditions.   … Read more