IZO Kunstgruppe Agency


Design agency. IZO Kunstgruppe. IZO — as fine arts.
The agency has four main areas of activity.
● Branding. (Creation of logos and corporate identity).
● Design and layout of books. (Design, creating a layout, modular grids, compositional calculation, through rhythms).
● Poster design.
● Package design.

A task
● Make an unusual and very recognizable logo.
● Show the main areas of activity in the logo.
● Show a structured approach, systematic solutions.

The logo has 4 modifications:
● IZO kunstgruppe (Main. For large art projects).
● IZO disainiagentuur (Business version. For business and customer service).
● IZO web (Version for the site. Rarely used outside the page).
● IZO kg (Artistic version. To fine art).
Each modification has two forms: wide and vertical.


Placement on media

💡 Idea, ✍️ Design — 👨🏻‍🎨 Dmitri Makonnen.