Packaging design for dairy products for a Perm brand. The idea to update the design in the line of dairy products. Categories milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese and the like.

Three options were made. Simple and avant-garde. And the third option according to the special request of the client. Complex vanguard.


First option
Easy and unusual graphics. The clouds in this design variant symbolize a large expanse over which clouds soar. Clouds over the meadows.


Second option
Here the idea is based on geometric shapes. Which correspond to the constituent elements of the product. The combination of constituent elements gives an individual pattern for each type of product.


Third option.
At the request of the client, the Suprematist direction was strengthened and the system of elements was strengthened.


The duration of the project is 30 days. The project was handed over to the client.

💡 Idea, 🤙 Management, ✍️ Design, 👌 Layout, 🖨️ Pre-press — 👨🏻‍🎨 Dmitri Makonnen.