Online school of graphic design.
The school website ( is a means of communication with the world.

A task
● Make it simple and recognizable. Well designed for presentations, advertising, t-shirts, etc.
● Make a dynamic logo.
● Make variability for wide and narrow media.


Main version of the logo
The basis includes 5 geometric shapes in which letters are inscribed.
● Circle.
● Decagon.
● Square.
● Convex hexagon.
● Straight hexagon.
+ Combination of forms.

The peculiarity of writing the descriptor: replacing the letters “O” with the basic figure of the logo variant. When combined, a circle shape is used.


Shortened version of the logo
● Shapes are combined in squared off.
● You can use it without a descriptor just like the main version.


Super short version of the logo
Two types of descriptor orientation. On the right side and below.



Variable logo combinations

Variable carriers

💡 Idea, ✍️ Design, 👌 Layout, 🖨️ Pre-press — 👨🏻‍🎨 Dmitri Makonnen.